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Healing Invisible Wounds

Sometimes You Can’t Do It Alone. We’re here to help.

PTSD Programs for active military, first responders, veteransYou don’t have to feel helpless or suffer in silence. You can take control of your pain, stress and trauma, and restore your health. Our ‘healing invisible wounds’ programs are an integration of various therapies and the healing arts. We teach you the tools and protocols to be transformed, empowered, achieve equilibrium and happiness.

You’ll learn how to have more loving and rewarding relationships with family, friends, co-workers and community. You will learn how to transform and enjoy life. Through practical, easy-to-learn, and empowering routines you can live pain-free, stress-free and let go of limiting beliefs. No, you won’t erase the memories of such events, you can eliminate the emotions tied to the traumatic event(s), thus reducing or arresting the symptoms.

Requirements For Attending

First Responder with PTSDAnyone with PTSD, grief, loss, depression, anxiety or a related condition can attend our programs. Veteran, Soldier, and First Responder and Civilian programs may vary slightly to accommodate their particular culture.

In-person participants for must be able to commit to the full program of three 4 day weekends/weekdays over a three month period with a three month followup phase.

Online participants can choose to work at their own pace, or with or online facilitator led modules. Participants must be able to commit to completing the program within six months.

All require a doctor’s letter stating all diagnosis, prior treatments and ability to complete the program.

Participants who have been struggling with substance dependency and addictions must be committed to attend all in-person programs free of using or abusing their drug of choice including alcohol. No weapons of any kind are to be brought to the program.

It is no secret that when one is fully vested (personally financially invests and is fully committed to their own healing) they make the extra effort to stay the course. They are ready to heal and ready to do what it takes.

Ready to be responsible and accountable to your own healing process?

For more detailed information please complete an “initial” application available on our website or contact us directly.

Note: We are not a ‘mental health’ agency therefore, persons with other underlying mental health issues are encouraged to seek support from a qualified therapist/facility.

Healing Invisible Wounds ~ The Intensive

‘Healing Invisible Wounds – The Intensive’ delivered online and in-person consists of 100+ hrs.

In-Person Program

consists of 4 full consecutive days three times over a three month period

full group, break-out and individual sessions

group and individual healing sessions

email/phone call queries

3 month followup phase

service coordinator support

vitamin, mineral testing

health assessments, vitamin, mineral testing


Online Program

consists of 3 Modules with several lessons in each

individual healing sessions

online educator support

regular mandatory check-ins

must be completed within six months

email/phone call queries

service coordinator support

health assessments, vitamin, mineral testing

The timing allows participants to process in between sessions and to practice the tools they have learned which will help them to achieve mind, body, spirit transformation.

Partners and Children Need Help Too

Couples Program

The couples program can be attended online and is held in person once each quarter and consist of a full three days.

Family Program

The family program is held in person twice a year and consist of a full three days.


Our programs may incorporate and are not limited to . . .

Integrative Therapies

Equine Therapy

Neuroscientific Techniques

Psycho Social Education

Mind/Body Exercises

Lifestyle & Relationship Dynamics

Creative  Art & Music

Nutritional Component

Nature Component

Spiritual Component

Family Component

Financial Component

Life & Wellness Coaching

Take Home Assignments

Educational Cooperative

Educational Cooperative

We welcome the opportunity to assist Colleges and Universities with their co-op programs in order that students may learn and grow from their experience. A chance to work and assist service providers in various areas of our program and in unique settings will not only prove beneficial but also offer insight into various careers in which they are considering embarking upon. Please contact us to discuss involvement in our programs.

Research Projects

Research Projects

We are interested in supporting the advancement of education through relationships with colleges and universities on research projects that can identify best practices in mental and emotional health advancements. Please contact us to discuss how we may assist you.




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