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Mission Butterfly will deliver its PTSD programs to specific populations who serve in maintaining our protection, rights and freedoms. Further, we aim to increase the skills and knowledge of our younger people by working with colleges and universities in support of their education cooperative programs. And through our work, to advance education via partnerships on research projects that can identify best practices in mental and emotional health advancements.



Mission Butterfly will in partnership with individuals and communities, raise awareness throughout Canada about the issues facing these populations suffering with PTSD and related conditions. These issues include and are not limited to high unemployment, homelessness, divorce, physical mental emotional abuse, drug and alcohol abuse and suicide rates. It is only through awareness that we can truly have greater clarity and cultivate compassion for the struggle they face as they continue to make an effort to live a life free of this crippling condition.



We at Mission Butterfly will encourage and engage advocates to assist us in our plight on behalf of veterans, military, first responders and their families .

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