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Danielle McCreadie, Journalist – Read her feature story “When the news breaks the journalist” about journalists and PTSD here:
EFFECTIVE JUNE 11th –  Mission Butterfly Taking Applications for both its Online and In-Person programs.
We are open to receiving applications from civilians, first responders, active military, veterans and their family members who are experiencing the symptoms of PTSD, OSI and related conditions such as and not limited to grief, loss, depression, anxiety.
We are not a psychotherapy or psychiatric program. We use a complementary and integrative approach based on the philosophy of mind, body, spirit healing.

Our pilot program has presented an opportunity to make changes for the betterment of program participants in understanding our healing philosophy and in addressing program flow, direction and expectations. Moving forward Mission Butterfly will review each program delivered and continue to make ongoing improvements as needed in relation to gender and culture of those we serve.

It is no secret that when one is fully vested (financially invests and is fully committed to their own healing) they make the extra effort to stay the course. They are ready to heal and ready to do what it takes. They are ready to be responsible and accountable to their own healing process.
Isn’t it time you invested in your healing!
* For more detailed information please complete an “initial” application or contact us directly.

** If you would like to attend one of our programs and don’t know if your health insurance will cover it, you should contact your health insurance provider to find out. Some questions to ask your insurance provider include:

  • Is this complementary or integrative approach covered for my health condition?
  • Does it need to be
    • Preauthorized or preapproved?
    • Ordered by a prescription?
  • Do I need a referral?
  • Does coverage require seeing a regulated practitioner within the program?
  • Do I have coverage if I fail to attend program practitioner sessions?
  • Are there any limits and requirements?

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