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Darlene DeStefano- Founder & Chair

Darlene DeStefano, PhD, CPC, MMsc

During Darlene’s past career in nursing (registered from1983-2013), she had spent part of those years working more intensely in the area of mental/emotional health. Within that time period held the position of General Manager of a psychiatric residence, and established and directed for a period of five years a registered charity which delivered enrichment experiences of travel to persons with mental and physical limitations.

Personally suffering post traumatic stress, grief and depression, Darlene recovered, healing through through non-conventional therapies and without the aid of medication. This experience led her to begin her new learning journey. Darlene established a private counselling practice in 2004.

Darlene has exceptional business and organizational skills, has a PhD in Pastoral Counselling Psychology, is a Certified Professional Coach, Certified Metaphysician, Spiritual Care Counsellor, has completed many programs and workshops in mental health and healing, and is certified in several other complementary and holistic therapies.

In 2013 there was a public outcry for government to do more to help veterans suffering with PTSD. Because of her own healing journey, knowing that PTSD is treatable and beatable, that healing is possible, and her genuine appreciation for those who keep us safe and provide us our freedom, the idea for Mission Butterfly began to take flight.  Following a great deal of independent research, her calling to help veterans, first responders and their families with PTSD became a reality. In 2016 Mission Butterfly became a reality.

Bahaar Lunar - Secretary/Treasurer

Bahaar Lunar, BA

Bahaar Luhar, certified in Financial Services Advice through the Canadian Securities Institute is a Branch Manager with RBC Royal Bank who educates, advises and assists clients in managing their finances. She also holds a B. Eng in Aersopace Engineering from Ryerson P.U. Bahaar serves as Secretary and as Interim Treasurer.

Bahaar is committed to collaborative and holistic approaches towards helping communities thrive and prosper. She believes that health, wealth and family are deeply connected to each other and the most common cause of stress for most Canadians.

Bahaar is a busy parent of 3 and can be found with her husband at the hockey arena, and various activities involving the local Air Cadets.

Dr Pierre Beaumier - Vice Chair

Dr Pierre Beaumier, PhD, C Chem

Dr. Beaumier has over 34 years of experience in the field of analytical chemistry. As a past president of the Canadian Society for Chemistry (2008-2009) and one of the founders of Maxxam Analytics, Canada‟s largest private analytical testing laboratory, Dr. Beaumier has been at the forefront of innovations in the areas of the development of testing methods, improving analytical accuracy, and quality systems and standards. These efforts have spanned a large number of commercial sectors including environmental testing, genetics, pharmaceuticals, food safety, human drug testing, occupational health and safety applications, and testing services for the oil and gas industry.

Throughout his career, Dr. Beaumier has contributed significantly not only to the science of analysis but also to the ongoing development of scientific standards and public education through participation in the Standards Council of Canada, the Society of Chemistry, the International Association of Racing Chemists and Hospitals in Common Laboratories.

Danielle McCreadie - Director

Danielle McCreadie, Communications

Danielle McCreadie is a freelance journalist in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and a recent graduate from the University of King’s College. She is a strong advocate for mental health, especially amongst journalists.

Danielle’s experience working in print, digital, video, audio, blogs, writing and editing with be invaluable.

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