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MILITARY, VETERANS, and FIRST RESPONDERS, your service saves our lives, keeps us safe, protects our freedom and continues to do so. And for that, we at Mission Butterfly raise our flag to you, in honour of your service.

CIVILIANS and family members experiencing these same conditions are no less deserving of healing. An individual exposed to violence and experiencing feelings of powerlessness can experience PTSD. These events include without limitation: sexual assault or abuse, accidents, school shootings, witnessing or being the victim of a crime, natural disasters, and terrorist acts. The same stigma that is attached to PTSD in the military and first responders also apply to civilians. Children and adolescents often experience symptoms of PTSD as a result of physical abuse, sexual abuse or prolonged neglect.

If you want to break free of PTSD, depression, anxiety and related conditions, are experiencing symptoms such as nightmares, flashbacks, withdrawal, isolation, avoidance, repression, emotional numbing, hyperarousal, irritability, grief, guilt, shame, headaches or migraines, dizziness, fatigue, chest pain, breathing difficulties, stomach and digestive issues, AND are ready to commit to changing your life, OUR PROGRAM IS FOR YOU!

Our goal is for you to ‘experience healing’ and live the life you and yours deserve. Healing does not mean you will erase your memory of traumatic events, it means you will be able to erase the emotions tied to those memories and in so doing, release the pain and symptoms you have been living with. As a participant in our programs your commitment to your healing journey is mandatory.

Because the need for confidentiality is crucial for support or therapy to be successful, we offer anonymity and will keep your name and information confidential. At no time will your name or information be shared outside our healthcare team or support personnel without your consent.

We at Mission Butterfly look forward to being a part of your transformation.

We know first hand that PTSD is treatable and beatable!


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