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Thank you so much for supporting the work of Mission Butterfly as we help to support those who have served and do serve to save our lives, protect our freedoms and our way of life. Your donations help to subsidize treatments of post traumatic stress syndrome, post traumatic disorder and related conditions in our veterans, military, first responders and their families.

Your Contribution

At the present time we have no paid staff and only minimal administrative costs. Therefore, approximately 95% of every donated dollar supports programs for veterans, military and first responders. Thank you, we are very grateful for your contribution.

Select an amount:

20.00 – Monthly Commitment

60.00 – Quarterly Commitment

100.00 – Skipper

250.00 – Swallowtail

500.00 – Viceroy

1000.00 – Blue Triangle

2500.00 – Regal

5000.00 – Monarch

Other (Donate How Much You Want)

Donations over $500 will be eligible to have their logo/ name posted on our donations page

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A Life Worth Saving


Mission Butterfly like other organizations require two very valuable assets – volunteers and funds. Volunteers who are passionate about our purpose and vision and understand that we simply cannot do it without you. Mission Butterfly is in need of volunteers who champion the treatment of PTSD and related conditions and who are compassionate and passionate for the service of veterans, military and first responders.

We look forward to sharing our success, knowledge and experience in order to increase community awareness of the issues surrounding PTSD and to help you get involved in our charitable activities.

Your help is needed!

We invite you to join our mission and help us, by providing support however you can.


Fundraise – Raise Funds for Them At Your Event

Flock Leaders

You enjoy talking and sharing your passions and one of those passions is Mission Butterfly. You are a natural leader and enjoy gathering a flock of people to get together from time to time. As a Flock Leader you promote our work and gather supporters. You bring family, friends, co-workers and business associates into your home or office boardroom and request donations on our behalf. You provide a few nibbles and thirst quenchers; we provide the visual presentation and pledge forms.

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MoneyMonger Seekers

You enjoy the challenge of seeking donations from larger institutions. If you have serious circles of influence in business or government, are an experienced grant writer, an exceptional letter writer or want to embark on a fundraiser career securing funding Experienced grant writer to secure funding and enhance income for our organization. This person will work closely with executive directors.

Become a MoneyMonger Seeker here


Corporate GameChangers

You are often involved in organizing social events or corporate functions at your work. Corporate Gamechangers add a fundraising component to every event. You allocate just 20 minutes during your event and we provide you with the tools to get your employees involved in donating to and volunteering for Mission Butterfly.

Become a GameChanger here

Admin – Give the Gift of Time


Chatter Monkeys

You absolutely love to talk and socialize and you are an advocate of our work. You make a conscious effort every day in some way to spread the word about Mission Butterfly and the work we do. Our cause becomes your cause. You are as passionate as we are and you show it by sharing our work online, and as you go about your day chatting with others in your communities. Some Chatter Monkeys even have a knack networking and persuading others to chat on.

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Tappers & Gabbers

You enjoy covering the desk, answering phones, data input and more. Some of our Tappers and Gabbers work from home while others put in a few hours at our local office.

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Nerdy Minds

You guessed it! You are the ones who are techie inclined and can work their magic making us look good. When it comes to computers, programming, web design, social media, SEO and more, whatever skills you posses – we need them and you!

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